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Thread: back up dvd's with cd burner?

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    back up dvd's with cd burner?

    hello i'm new to this forum so i hope someone can help me.
    i downloaded dvd decrypter and dvd shrink, then copied a movie to my hard drive ,then when i use dvd shrink i use the re-author draged the movie file into it hit backup .the error reads : dvd shrink encountered an error and cannot countinue failed to create folder the device is not ready.
    it was my understanding that i could copy this with a cd burner i tried a blank cd and dvd to copy it to. its not working what do i have to do.

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    Here's a good guide for DVD Shrink, I think you should get a DVD burner as it would be better than spanning CD-R's or compressing till it fits.
    DVD Shrink Guide

    Oh and welcome to TZ wing nutz, nice name

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    Nice guide, however, TZ doesnt condone the illegal use of software to breach copyright laws.

    Good Luck.

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