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Thread: Obscure Problem

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    I got a panic call from an old customer that was having a problem that I had not encountered before. Windows XP would not complete the boot process. It would lock up displaying "arcdisp.c" error. A Google search and ten minutes of reading lead me to a memory problem.

    I replaced the 512 MB memory stick with a 256 MB stick I had. The computer booted without a problem. I then reinstalled the problem stick, this time in the previously unused bank. It has passed several hours of testing.

    I would have eventually found the problem on my own, yet the help from strangers prevented a lot of trial and error. We stand on the shoulders of those that have figured it out the hard way.
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    Nice success story Efc. Highlights the moral of many hands make light work. Cheers.

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    I think it's just Google makes light work

    Google never fails

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