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Thread: Stopping the horrible foghorn startup sound of ICQ.

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    Stopping the horrible foghorn startup sound of ICQ.

    ICQ Help has no answer--just a form response. I've also searched 10 pages of user questions and answers also without success.

    This refers to ICQ ro 2003b

    Problem is that when I go Main > Preferences > History, Alerts & Sounds and click the Sound tab I can hilight the ICQ startup sound entry. But when I go to click on the Disable button it (along with the Select button) is grayed out. (The Preview button works btw.)

    I have uninstalled everything re ICQ (save for basic stuff like contacts list), redownloaded and reinstalled. I also went into the registry, deleted all mirabilis and ICQ nodes. NEITHER DID ANY GOOD.

    Did I miss some node in the registry perhaps?

    Has anyone some suggestions? My O/S is XP.
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    not sure since I use trillian. but why not rename that file and make an new avi or wav file with no sound so when it thinks its playing its not....just an ugly hacked suggestion if you can figure it out thru the prog.

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