ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI video cards.

Changed window layout around a bit. merged profile hotkey and comments into properties
Now distributed with an installer
Clock safety range added
Startup option added where the program will quit immediately after activating the 2d profile
The titlebar of the rendering window shows the total time elapsed since starting the current scan
Simple web update checker in the config dialog
Only one application instance allowed
Fixed small bug where the default profile would be overwritten
Added configuration dialog with lots of options for you control freaks
More fixes to the app detection code
textures are now stored inside the app .exe
more hotkey fixes
fixed dx9<->dx8 bug
fixed "could not compare subsequent images" when you had the rendering window closed and then clicked find max/scan
fixed a few bugs with number formatting
some internal changes

Download: ATITool 0.0.17

View: ATITool homepage