The one thing that did not get corrected--see my post "Wiping out my HD and starting over" of 2/10/04 is my ICQ problem. I have ICQ Pro 2003b. It comes with many sounds. To eliminate them I go Main > Preferences > History,Alerts and Sounds, and click Sounds tab. Now I can hi-light the sound name I want to modify and then I can click a Select or a Disable button...except that both are grayed out. Now, neither an uninstall, a reinstall from a new download nor a reboot made the buttons work again.. I went into the registry, deleted the ICQ and Mirabilis nodes but that did no good either. ICQ techs had no answer--just a form letter.

Also ICQ had a quirky behavior which seems to have been corrected by disk defrag, disk cleanup and redownloading SP 1 (XP), which was that the thin border all around my contact list window in lower right of monitor would on boot, appear in the upper left corner of my monitor. As I used the computer it would disappear. It used to return with every boot.

I shall appreciate any suggestions as to what I can do about the grayed out buttons problem and, possible causes of the shadow border problem.