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Thread: Alienware lands supercomputer deal

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    Alienware lands supercomputer deal

    Story Here ** but will they be green? **

    Alienware, a privately held computer maker best known for its high-end PCs for video gamers, has signed a deal to build a powerful research computer for Florida International University.
    Miami-based Alienware, whose consumer systems can sell for $3,000 or more, said Tuesday the system would be powered by 98 of Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processors.

    The Opteron is a 64-bit chip launched last year that can run applications faster than standard 32-bit chips because it can process more data at once.

    The chip is part of a 64-bit computing push by AMD to compete with industry leader Intel on more than just price, and the Opteron has found its way into a number of recent major supercomputer projects.

    Alienware said the university system would be used for a number of applications, among them hurricane simulation and biomedical research. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    In a statement, university officials said they conducted an "extensive bid process" before choosing Alienware. University representatives were not available to comment on what other vendors bid for the contract.

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    Wow! Who would have thought Alienware would get into this business.

    I love competition. Hope they do well.
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    Well good to see some Small PC makers getting some recognition of all the behind the scenes work.

    Not trying to put them down, but only 98 CPU's isnt much of a 'super-computer', wasnt AMD trying to put together a 5000 Opteron computer for China??

    Anyway, good luck to them, hope they pass on the technology to those awesome gaming machine

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