Omega has released a new modified ATI Catalyst 4.2 based driver suite for all Windows OS.

* Based on the Official Catalyst 4.2 drivers. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Removed 3DProfiler from the package. (2k/XP)
* Surprise: Included an exclusive Omega version of RadLinker. (2k/XP/9x/ME) Many thanks to ChrisW!
* For stability's sake, forced Fastwrites OFF for ALL cards and forced it ON for all 9600 cards. (2k/XP)
* Removed the 9700->9800 soft mod option again. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Did one LAST Omega Driver set for Win9x/ME "AGAIN" since I did some mistakes in the previous "last" release. (9x/ME)
* Hope to have fixed the installation problems in Win9x/ME "AGAIN". (9x/ME)
* Added the Multires utility to the Win9x/ME package. (9x/ME)
* Separated the D3D/OGL CP tabs now that RadLinker takes care of the profiles. (9x/ME)
* Added support for 9800SE cards that have been bios-modded to 9800XT. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Added support for the following FireGL cards: (2k/XP)
RADEON FireGL X1-128
RADEON FireGL X1-256
RADEON FireGL X2-256
RADEON FireGL Z1-128p
RADEON Mobility Fire GL 9000
RADEON Mobility Fire GL T2

Download: Radeon Omega Drivers for 9X/ME/2000/XP