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MANILA, Philippines -- At least 110 people were missing as darkness fell on Friday after explosions and fire tore through a Philippine ferry, killing one person and sending many into the sea to escape the flames.

"We have not given up hope of finding more survivors but there's also the possibility that some of them were trapped inside the boat," coastguard spokesman Lieutenant Armand Balilo told reporters after at least 766 people were rescued.

Fires raged on parts of the stricken ferry for 12 hours and smoke could be seen rising from the ship on Friday evening.

Rescuers said they would have to wait for up to two days to let the vessel cool down before they could begin searching for bodies. The 155-metre (510-foot) long ship listed onto its right side after being towed from the mouth of Manila Bay to Bataan island.

Our prayers go out for these people and their families...