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Thread: Print Head Alignment

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    Print Head Alignment

    Can someone tell me exactly what this is? What is it that is aligned? And does one need vertical alignment and bi-directional alignment.

    And when I print an alignment check with My Canon S630 I get 6 columns (A through F). A, D and F are black (or precisely grayish), B and E are blue and C is pink. Why isn't there a yellow color? Then I get instructed to set the numbers for A through F according to the printed pattern #s that is the smoothest, i.e has the least pronounced vertical lines. What is happening here?

    Is there a site that explains this...really explains it well?
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    I hate the Canon printhead alignment thing, when i do it i ask other people what they think and get different answers on whats best. I do mine so the print is nice and crisp and leave it as that...sometimes thats not good enough when printing photo's. I don't know why the printer can't come with a test sheet so you can compare the results, guess thats to easy in this day & age....

    The last few times I've changed ink I didn't do the alignment and its still prints fine.

    Sorry I don't have a link, just do the best you can and hope you eye's see the same as other people's

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