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Thread: Kingmax introduces DDR500 and DDR466 DIMMs

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    Kingmax introduces DDR500 and DDR466 DIMMs

    In the days of SDRAM 133 and 150 when Samsung chips were King-of-the-Hill, a Taiwanese manufacturer named Kingmax made quite a splash with what they called their "tiny BGA" memory modules. BGA stands for "Ball Grid Array" and it describes a memory chip much smaller than the traditional memory chips available from other memory manufacturers. It also describes an attachment technology that promises higher performance. The promise, of course, was smaller DIMMs that run cooler and faster than traditional DIMMs.
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    Wow, the DDR 500 was able to run timings of 2-2-2-5 at DDR 400 speeds! I'm going to buy these when they're available here!

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