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    Has anyone tried this internet optimisation software. It claims to speed dial - up connections to broadband speed. At 25 per year sounds like a good deal.

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    hate to tell ya chroma its a rip off...its physically impossible to raise the connection to above 53k. so what this app probably does is compress the graphics so that the pages load faster but your download speeds will be stuck at 3-6k.

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    BTW chroma Welcome to Techzonez. Like phishhead stated, most of these applications that claim to "increase your dialup speeds" are actually just compressing the graphics on the pages so they load faster. Unfortunately this tends to really screw up the pictures on the individual pages...

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    rik and phishhead are correct

    they compress the entire website so the pages load fast and this is a good thing if you dont mind distorted pics

    but the thing to remember is that if you are downloading .zips or mp3/mpeg files they will download at the same speed your are getting now

    also some websites will refuse to function properly with it enabled so you will find yourself using the disable button frequently

    Welcome to Techzonez!

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