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Thread: Neat product code tip from an MS technician

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    Neat product code tip from an MS technician

    I had to reinstall my Word 2002 today...after I had clean installed XP.

    I typed the product code in, checked for accuracy, clicked next or OK, and it was invalid. I called Microsoft. They said it was valid and mentioned that it could have been because I had typed some blocks of the code in with the caps lock key depressed. The technician also noted that having your A-V software running (which I did) could also cause product codes to be rejected. He said it did not have to in capitals (as it always is when you get it on a CD or a CD case or container.)

    So I tried again using all lower case letters (and a few #s.) It worked.

    The technician also said that if necessary he could generate me a new product code. Neat!
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    Glad things worked out for you.

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    very interesting to know, I always thought that it had to be in Captials... but OfficeXP was always pretty weird with WPA and serials etc

    Glad it worked, and nice tip.

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