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Thread: Outpost Update

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    Arrow Outpost Update

    Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1 (build 294/308) Released
    New features list--->
    French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian languages support
    Fixed issues list:
    Explore Logs Folder results in Function call blocked ShellExecuteExw error
    Visual attack alerts are not logged
    Malformed URL in AD Trashcan
    Crashes during log cleanup
    Log Viewer window often cannot be closed
    Various system crashes (BSOD)
    Status text overwrites itself during Update Check Driver
    Microsoft Windows Driver Verifier compatibility issues
    Help system vulnerability in service mode
    Registry usage during logoff
    Crash after loading corrupted DNS cache records
    Reduced GDI resource load at startup under Windows 9x
    Activation in Agnitum Update for retail customers
    Exclusion list in the Ad blocking plug-in functioning


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    this program gets the egghead award for protecting the egghead.

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    Does it support server setups? What is the best FW for Servers, or does only ISA work?

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    No, Outpost does not currently support server installations. A server version is in the plans for the future.

    ISA isn't meant as a option for securing individual servers at the desk top level but rather for protection the network as a whole.

    Finding the 'best' firewall or security solution for a server, to work at desk top level, really depends on the roles that server performs and its connectivity to the outside world.

    In my case I have a W2K Server on my LAN, i just use TCP/IP filtering and also have Kerio 2.1.5 on it to, just because its small, simple and a basic packet filter.

    Big Booger, the correct build number of this release is 297/309 Not that it matters but they got it wrong in the initial announcement.

    Just updated mine, I'm a very happy Outpost user now a days

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