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Thread: Hackers Break Into Sdsu Computer Server

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    Hackers Break Into Sdsu Computer Server

    (03-17-2004) - San Diego State University is warning more than 178,000 students, alumni and employees that hackers broke into a computer server where names and Social Security numbers were stored, it was reported Wednesday.
    The university began mailing notifications letters Monday, urging people whose personal information was on the server to get copies of their credit reports and review them for suspicious activity, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

    The SDSU case appears to be the largest such notification made under a state law that went into effect last July requiring companies and state agencies to contact people when their computerized personal data have been compromised.

    University officials told the Union-Tribune that the hackers infiltrated a server in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in late December and used it to send spam e-mail messages and transfer files, including MP3 music files, according to the Union-Tribune.

    The server contained financial aid reports about current, former and prospective students - as well as some SDSU employees - who sent in financial aid applications since 1998, but not the applications themselves or award information.

    This is the second time that SDSU suffered a computer security breach. The university notified about 1,000 people in December when a library server was hacked, the newspaper reported.


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    Were you and Stripe getting down and dirty with your underground hacking skillz you picked up over atThe Broken. What on earth was on those SDSU servers that could interest the two of yous? Surely some names and Social Security Numbers are not your thing???

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    Hacked again? or is this still the same one you reported a few days ago?

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