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Thread: Underground P2P Applications

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    Cool Underground P2P Applications

    Note: The P2P clients listed below are all free of charge. That said, the companies that make them need money, so they frequently install adware to help pay for the networks.

    If you download any of these applications, I recommend installing Ad-aware, Spybot - Search & Destroy, or (for real-time proactive detection), McAfee AntiSpyware in order to keep your machine adware-free.

    Read more about spyware-busting apps in a Dark Tip article I baked earlier.

    Alternative P2P clients

    So you've played with Kazaa Lite, eMule, and LimeWire, but with the RIAA cracking down on more and more P2P networks, you'd feel a bit safer with something lesser-known.

    Well friends, I know mentioning these apps on national television doesn't help them fly under the RIAA's radar, but here are some lesser-known P2P services you can get good use out of (for the time being, at least).

    Yes, there actually is a P2P service called Warez. I have to admit, when I first heard of this P2P network, I vowed never to install it. The sheer fact that they are using the word "warez," a once-underground term for pirated software, sounds like a huge tip-off. If that doesn't sound like a RIAA trap, I don't know what does.

    When I noticed the huge number of people who had acquired Warez from, I thought I'd give it a shot on my testing PC. I have to say I like it. The interface reminds me of Kazaa, but it's a bit more refined. The media player works fairly well, and the chat service is pretty cool.

    Kazaa Lite Resurrection 0.0.7
    This is a must-have for any serious P2P playa. Kazaa Lite, a stripped-down version of Kazaa, was stamped out a few months ago. I loved Kazaa Lite, because it eliminated all the adware and spyware in Kazaa and just delivered the P2P features I needed. All that stripped-down goodness is back with Kazaa Lite Resurrection! Same great Kazaa Lite features, brand-new client.

    Another lesser-known P2P network, this one looks and acts almost identical to Kazaa. Not much to say about this one other than I was really impressed by the sheer number of people using the service: 3,570,100 users online sharing 592,882,095 files.

    An oldie but a goodie, WinMX has been around for a couple of years now. The network has a great selection of music files, and its nice, clean interface makes WinMX one of my favorite P2P apps. Oh, and here's a bonus: It's adware-free.

    DarkTips: Screensavers

    I was shocked not to see waste, mute, or DCC on there... If you click the link above it will take you to the page with the clickable links to all the software apps mentioned in this post.

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    Good too see that Kazaa lite is back from the dead, But I think these P2P stuff is a little more dangerous, besides the obvious RIAA, a lot more viruses are targetting users. Really, you wouldnt allow a hacker into your computer, but you let anonmyous ppl direct share access to your files ?! Oh well.

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