Nordic Hardware have news that Creative released a new driver patch for their Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS sound cards! This patch is reportedly available on the Creative site.

# Resolves the issue of THX® Setup Console resetting to default values whenever it is launched.
# Removes noise and distortion when THX Setup Console is used.
# Synchronizes the settings between EAX® ADVANCED HD™ and Creative Graphic Equalizer.
# Enables MIDI device name display in Windows® Multimedia Device and SoundFont® Bank Manager.
# Enables the activation of imported EAX effect presets.
# Resolves the audio mute issue that is encountered when certain EAX effect presets are activated.
# Resolves the system stall issue that is encountered when rewinding or fast-forwarding DTS®-encoded audio CDs, on external DVD players that are playing back through your audio card.
# Enhances the performance of PC games that use native OpenAL API extensions.

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This was released back in November 2003: