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Thread: Synergy: Share your keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Platforms

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    Synergy: Share your keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Platforms

    If you have multiple systems and monitors at a single workstation and really need to maximize your space, give Synergy a try. It should work with Windows, Unix/Linux, Solaris, and more, including maybe FreeBSD (visit the Synergy project page for more OS details). The Synergy user documentation has all the info you need to set this puppy up, but here are the basics.

    1. Download the Synergy software on all systems involved.
    2. Set up a server box. The documentation recommends using a Windows-based machine, based on known bugs.
    3. Set up your client boxes.
    4. Make sure Synergy runs properly on all systems involved.
    5. Move your mouse off the side of one screen and it will jump to the closest monitor on your next system.

    Although you won't be able to drag and drop windows over multiple systems, Synergy includes a feature that consolidates the clipboard so you can cut and paste in Unicode between systems. Synergy will also enable your screen saver on all systems at once. So fun!

    Screensavers Synergy Download & Info Site

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    Oh I understand now, I thought it was like Virtual PC, but not. Very handy if suits your situation. So do you need a special box or something to connect the mouse/keyboard? Also you need several monitors, i would think a good KVM would be better. This will be great when they are able to drag&drop between monitors. very nice.

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