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Thread: Database shareware

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    Database shareware

    Looking for sareware or inexpensive database software.

    I'm looking for something very basic, so a lot of them would probably be overkill.

    Lets say I want it for something as simple as storing food recepies.

    So I would want to have the rec. in the DB and then I would want to have
    4-6 'KEY" fields I could search on.
    What I mean by that is lets say I had a rec. for Macaroni and cheese with hamburg.

    I might want to search under Hamburg, or pasta, or supper etc...
    Hence I would put as many "keys" as applied to search under.

    Anyway just looking for something very basic and simple to use.

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    Presently, MySQL ( is the most popular database and it is open source. It is not simple, but it has many uses.

    The easiest database application I have used is Microsoft Works ( The Works Database ( is very easy to use and there are guides all over the net. Some sites even have Works Database Templates that you can download for free and start using right away. Though Microsoft Works is not free it is the readily available templates that justify the cost in terms of time savings and productivity.
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    what about postgreeSQL?
    I haven't use it, but it is also very popular. And it is open source (free)
    I do recomend MySQL thought. Windows version is very easy to install and run. It includes a MySQLadmin tool which can configure and administer your database with a GUI. Also it has a very easy to understand Install file. Give it a try

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