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Thread: Gateway closes retail stores

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    Gateway closes retail stores

    Yes I know rev its on the Front page Just wanted to post it here because Gateway is only a few exits from where Stripe, Self-ex, and me work. Man gonna have alot of hungry PC techs out there.

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Gateway Inc. Thursday said it would close its 188 stores and eliminate about 2,500 retail positions, the biggest move the personal computer and consumer electronics maker has made since it bought eMachines Inc. last month.

    Poway, California-based Gateway (GTW: Research, Estimates) said it was also pursuing wider retail distribution of its PCs, digital cameras, flat-panel TVs and other products in the United States and abroad. The company, which had embarked on remodeling the stores before buying eMachines, was not more specific.

    Gateway, which is also moving its headquarters north to Orange County, California, completed its acquisition of eMachines last month. Buying the profitable rival doubled Gateway's market share in the United States to about 7 percent, and it forecast it will return to sustained profitability in 2005 as a result of the acquisition.

    Source: CNNNews

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    Gateway closed their retail stores over here a few years ago.

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    Same thing in Florida...they did not bother finishing the store before they stopped construction on much for the cow, where is the beef? maybe eat more Dells'....more people should venture into the unknown and try building their own systems. If they knew how much money could be saved I'm sure more would go in that direction. It still amazes me how many people have blinders on when it comes to puters. I finally convinced a guy at work to try it...just call me if you run into trouble..which he did a few he is a happy camper today.

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