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Thread: adding hardware...

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    Cool adding hardware...

    I signed up a couple of days ago and was wondering if i chould add two "64mb syn dimm, 100" from my old computer to my new computer. Would it help any?

    I have a Windows xp with a AMD athlon processor, 1.00 GHz, 224 MB of RAM.

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    Welcome to Techzonez.

    It depends on the motherboard...but I would guess probably not without knowing the model of the board all I can do is guess. Memory has gotten cheap enought that it would'nt cost much to get a more current stick of RAM add.

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    It would be possible, depending on your current system config, as Rik eluded too, we need a little more information about your MB. Now, if you actually had the spare memory slots, and wanted to run your Athlon Processor at 100Mhz FSB instead of 133, then you could.

    But as stated, ram is cheap and so are new systems. So, give us a little more info, as I know SDRAM is getting hard to come by.

    Ok, looking at your current memory, you have 128+64+32 = 224, you should replace the 32 stick with one of the 64 ONLY if the 32 is PC100.

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