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Thread: BUM GRAPES! CoDecS killd my PC. HELP! How do i remove the CoDecS?

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    Question BUM GRAPES! CoDecS killd my PC. HELP! How do i remove the CoDecS?

    Hi all. My puter has officially been f**'d up by ACE MEGA CoDecS.. .
    I wanna remove evry trace of this, but wen i go onto multimedia
    "properties/video codecs/" then highlight each one and click remove ...they come back when i next visit the "video codecs" control panel thingy .

    I wud very much appreciate any help.



    p.s. cud sum1 e-mail me wen u post a reply? Bye!

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    You will get an email at the account that you signed up with TZ every time someone replies... unless you shut that feature off..

    To remove it, have you tried the add/remove programs?

    How about sys restore?

    From what I have read.. you might be in for a reformat if that doesn't work...

    Another thing is to try reg cleaner or registry mechanic to get rid of those codecs... also manually deleting any items that you can confirm that were installed by this codec pack might help...

    Other than that, Reformat?

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