Wireless networking, especially 802.11g, is one technology I won't give up. With theoretical speeds of 54 Mbps, it's fast enough to stream DVD-quality content wirelessly to my notebook.

Want something faster? We've all seen the boxes at the computer stores that boast speeds up to 108 Mbps. But before you buy, there's something you need to know that might start a neighborhood feud.

On today's show we explain why your need for more speed could screw up other nearby wireless connections.

802.11g on steroids

First, here's what you get when switching to Xtreme G, Super G, or just plain 108 Mbps.

In my early tests I found a noticeable improvement in performance. With G testing I used an HP Pavilion zd7000 equipped with integrated wireless to keep the tests as standard as possible.

For turbocharged G testing, manufacturers require you to use compatible cards, so I used matched PC cards for those tests. For now I stuck with the drag-and-drop test of 23 MP3 files totaling 76.1MB.

Check out the results in megabits per second (Mbps).

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