Enter 3DAnalyze.

Yep you heard correctly, the Kyro 1 and 2 are able to run the Nature Test in 3D Mark (previously limited to Dx8 only cards) with some clever thinking...
The solution is to run 3DAnalyze which emulates Hardware T&L via software.
The performance is A LOT better than expected...
I'll get my own compare link up when i fix my system that my Kyro 2 4500s in...

to use 3dAnalyze is:
1. Leave the top block, DLL Path, blank
2. Choose the game executable and place it in the EXE File block (second box from the top left)
3. Choose any executable that should be run prior to the game, such as Gamespy if it's for online, and place it in the 3rd box PRE-RUN EXE
4. Click the EMULATE HW TnL CAPS under Hardware Limits
5. Click the SAVE BATCH FI


It is worth trying I think... results appear to be mixed but it may work for you depending on the specs of your other components (ram, CPU, etc..)