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Thread: Free DVD burn software

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    Free DVD burn software

    Discussed on The Screen Savers.

    The Screensavers

    Deep Burner 1.8
    DeepBurner Features
    DeepBurner comes loaded with an extensive list of practical and amazingly valuable features that will totally satisfy your burning needs. These start from compiling your CDs and DVDs in different formats and ending with the creation of fascinating photo albums and rock solid, reliable backups.

    * You can easily create and burn regular data CDs/DVDs
    * AudioCD recording functionality is included
    * Direct disk-to-disk copying is a cinch*
    * Quickly build and burn ISO Images
    * Burning Video DVDs is no problem*
    * Create awesome, personalized photo CD/DVD albums*
    * Rest assured with the full-featured backup utility*
    * CD/DVD burning from the command line for you pro's*
    * Drive and media information utility included*
    * Supports IDE/EIDE, USB, SCSI, and Fire Wire CD/DVD writers
    * Overburn function
    * Buffer underrun technology "Burn-Proof"
    * DAO, SAO and TAO Writing methods support
    * Support for CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM
    * Create Multi-session CDs
    * Bootable CD/DVD support
    * Dynamically adjustable drive buffer size
    * High Performance File/Disc Caching
    * Supports Long File Name (Joliet) File Systems
    * Creates ISO (100% DOS/Windows) compatible data CDs/DVDs
    * Supports multiple simultaneous recorders
    * Easy to use wizards help you create any type of burning project
    * The Autorun Wizard makes it easy to create effective autoruns for your CDs
    * You can even easily make your own cover, booklet or case insert
    * Multi-language interface, of course

    *Available in DeepBurner Pro only.
    Deep Burner 1.8

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    Question, is the TMG Encoder better than Nero?
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    TMG has been at this game a lot longer than Nero. That said, I'd say try one and then try the other. See which one suits your setup the best.

    I can remember though when using the TMG encoder on a celeron 433mhz to convert AVI to Mpeg... my god it took usually 20-35 hours

    Other DVD Burning Applications:

    1. CdBurnerXP Pro
      CDBurnerXP Pro is a free CD/DVD burning solution.
      With this software you can burn CD-R, CD-RW DVD+R/RW DVD-R/RW discs.
    2. Burnatonce
      Burnatonce is a free CD mastering software that allows you to create data and audio disks. It can also handle DVD discs if you install a free but time-limited third-party software. The software supports multisession burning, bootable discs, ISO9660:1999, UDF, Joliet, East Asian characters (CJK), USB and Firewire drives, ISO, CUE and TOC images, converts MP3, MP2, WAV, Ogg and Flac files to audio CDs, supports ID3v1.1, ID3v2, Vorbis and APE tags, allows you to set the silence, pregap and postgap between audio tracks, etc. This is a Windows program.

    3. AVS Disc Creator
      AVS Disc Creator is a free CD/DVD burning software that also supports writing to Blu-Ray discs. The list of supported media include CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, Double/Dual Layer DVD and Blu-ray BD-R and BD-RE. It handles multisession, the creation, writing and editing of disc images (ISO), the removal and addition of files from/to ISOs, and data verification (that is, verifies that your data is correctly written to the DVD, CD or Blu-ray disk). This is a Windows program.
    4. K3b - The CD Creator (Linux)
      K3b is a Linux CD/DVD writing software that allows you to burn DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W), CD-R, CD-RW, VCD 1.1, VCD 2.0, SVCD, audio CD, mixed-mode CD (with CD-Extra, CD-Plus, Enhanced Audio CD support), eMovix CD, eMovix DVD, etc. It is able to create bootable CDs and even supports multiple El-Torito boot images (that is a bootable CD that can boot multiple images or OSes). It can convert from MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and WAV files to create an audio CD. It also has CD-TEXT support (it automatically fills in tags in audio files). It has multisession support, is able to copy CDs and DVDs, rip CDs, write ISO images to CD/DVD, etc.

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