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Thread: sasser worm

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    sasser worm

    sasser worm


    Hi people, Bink here. This is an alert to warn you about a new worm that is fast spreading in the Internet and exploiting a vulnerability that was discovered in Microsoft Windows last month.

    Make sure your systems are patched with all the latest security patches and specially Microsoft Security Update MS04-011. Go to Windows Update to update your systems.
    Hope this helps preventing infection and further spreading, make sure to forward this email to people who you think need to get this info (everybody connected to the Internet!)

    OK that's it, Make sure you keep visiting my website for the latest Microsoft news and downloads or visit forums for support on you Windows issues, deployments and Boot cd's.

    Microsoft teams and law enforcement authorities are investigating reports of a worm, identified as W32.Sasser.worm, that is currently circulating on the Internet. Microsoft has verified that the worm exploits the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) issue fixed in Microsoft Security Update MS04-011 on April 13, 2004.

    If your computer is infected with W32.Sasser.worm, you may see a dialog box with text that refers to LSASS.exe. Some customers whose computers have been infected may not notice the presence of the worm at all, while others who are not infected may experience problems because the worm is attempting to attack their computer. Typical symptoms may include systems rebooting every few minutes without user input.

    Just got this email today and thought I would pass it along.

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    Patch and Alert from MS:

    Varient.B is around now. SANS have set the alert level at yellow.

    The amount its seen in the wild has jumped rapidly over the weekend. On Saturday morning F-Secure said "we aren't seeing massive amounts of infections. Not yet anyway." They did however predict this would happen as unpatched home users go online.
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    MS issued a fix for it already.

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