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Thread: New Nvidia Omega Drivers version 1.5303

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    New Nvidia Omega Drivers version 1.5303

    Suggestions when using the Nvidia Omega Drivers:

    1- The drivers can be installed just by upgrading your current
    drivers, there is no need to uninstall previous ones, they
    are made in a way that all your previous settings will be
    erased when they are installed.
    2- When possible use default settings.
    3- If you installed the QUALITY DRIVERS, in the Nvidia Control
    Panel, Direct3D Settings, the MipMapDetail will be BLANK,
    DON'T CHANGE IT!, if you change it the extra detail level
    in D3D will be gone.
    4- In the Nvidia Control Panel, OpenGL Settings, Anisotropic
    filtering will be disabled, leave it like that, since the
    detail level in OpenGL was increased there is no need to
    enable it, if you do, games may have a big performance hit.
    5- If you do wish to use Anisotropic Filtering with my drivers,
    please run the downloaded file again and select "performance"
    when asked, then install the drivers over the current ones.
    6- Don't use any tweakers to change the settings, they will
    override my settings and make my work useless. Use them only
    when you need to change a specific tweak for a specific game,
    to make the game work.
    7- The only settings that will not harm my work are FSAA,
    v-sinc and overclocking.

    Thanks for your support and happy gaming,
    Change log:
    New in version (1.5303):

    * Based on the Official 53.03 drivers. (2k/XP)
    * Added new tweaks and removed the old ones that where no longer working in the new 5x.xx drivers. (2k/XP)
    * The quality mode has been fixed, now they should work on both modes. (2k/XP)
    * Added new resolutions, plus now 1400x1050 is working. (2k/XP)
    * Added initial support for most laptop GO cards, not supported cards will be added for the next set. (2k/XP)
    * Updated Multires to version 1.46 (2k/XP)
    * Support for Win9x/ME dropped. (9x/Me)


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    sweet about time he upgraded the nvidia ones.

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