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Thread: Hunt on for Sasser worm culprit

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    Hunt on for Sasser worm culprit

    Security experts began the daunting task on Wednesday of trying to track down the authors of "Sasser," a tenacious computer worm expected to infect millions of machines before it runs its course.

    Since appearing at the weekend, the fast-moving worm has wreaked havoc on personal computers running on the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows 2000, NT and XP operating systems, but is expected to slow down as computer users download anti-virus patches.

    Home users, corporations, and government agencies throughout Europe, North America and Asia have been hit. Once infected, the vulnerable PC reboots without warning as the compact program hunts for more machines to infiltrate.


    I hate virus writers...

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    me 2

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    I just love reading the technical details of the viruses, I know most the virus are prewritten anyway, the SMART guys are the ones writing the exploit code straight from M$ security patches .... muhaha

    Good Luck finding these virus writers.

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