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Thread: I keep geting a message from AVG that I have the trojan horse clicker h

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    I keep geting a message from AVG that I have the trojan horse clicker h

    When I run AVG, Pc-cillin or another anti-virus, it says nothing is there. It says it is in C\system volume information\restore[0A938EBC-A340-4EB2-9D62-75048B20EC3F]\RP83\A0006804.EXE. AVG found and cured this trojan previously.
    Thank you.

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    veronica I would disable the system restore...reboot then enable it again and create a new restore point.

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    Phish is correct. Sounds like the trojan is still present in one of your restore points. Disabling it and re-enabling System Restore will delete all existing points so you can start afresh!

    Just hope that you dont have to restore your system anytime too soon

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    Good Advice from Phish and Supa, disable SysRestore, then boot into Safe Mode and run AVG again... then boot into normal mode and re-enable SysRestore and create a Restore Point... don't restore an old point, else you will be infected with the trojan

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