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Thread: cannot burn

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    cannot burn

    when i am using acronis true image, my laptop dvd does not recognize the DVD. the error message says- either the the disk is full or you have a poor quality disk.


    if i use the same disk on a different program.. it burns.

    i was able to burn before using the same program (twice) and now- nada.

    i did reinstall the program. still nada.

    using Nero- if i delete what is ever on the DVD, and it is clean... when using acronis, i still get the error message

    also, i bought a better quality dvd - TDK and i still the same error message.

    my dvd can read/write... dvd + and dvd -

    any suggestions?

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    some laptop dvd/cdr players are faulty and cannot reliably read certain media

    can you post more info on your dvd model?

    should be in system properties in control panel


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    the DVD is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR -K 12D (CD-ROM Drive)

    according to Toshiba it's spec are- DVD+-R/+-RW drive: Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) Interface; Maximum speed: DVD-R (2X), DEV-RW (2X), DVD+R (2.4x), DVD+RW (2.4x), CR-R (16X), CD-RW (10x), CR-ROM (24x) DVD-ROM (8X);

    Compatibility: CD-R (read/write), CD-RW (read/re-write), CD+R (read/re-write), CD+RW (read/re-write) CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R (read/write), DVD-RW (read/write), DVD+R (read/write) DVD+RW (read/write).

    so, what would you be advising? for a proper media?



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    A Tip from an Acronis site

    I have the same problem at the moment, but I hope the following info from some Acronis site I've just found can work:

    Acronis True Image is capable of writing to a DVD disk in Windows if UDF packet DVD-writing software is installed, and the DVD disk is formatted. We currently support at least the following packet DVD writing software:
    Roxio DirectCD ?an optional part of Roxio Easy CD Creator
    Ahead InCD ?is available for free on Nero site for Ahead Nero Burning Rom users (and usually also is shipped with Nero)
    Veritas DLA and all its OEM versions (e.g. HP DLA).
    Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD
    In general we also support all other UDF packet DVD writing software, but the three above are most popular and they have been tested by Acronis and approved.
    To make the DVD disk writeable in Acronis True Image the user should do the following:
    Install UDF packet DVD ?writing software.
    Format the DVD disks. DVD+RW and DVD-RW disks can be formatted by all software mentioned above, while DVD-R and DVD+R at this moment can be formatted only by Roxio DirectCD.
    Next, start Acronis True Image, insert the formatted DVD disk into the DVD+RW or DVD-RW drive and create an image on it without any additional requirements.
    The images from the DVD disk can be restored both in Windows and when Acronis True Image is started from bootable disks.
    There is also a two-step method for writing to DVDs. Acronis True Image can create an image of the hard disk as a single file on the hard disk itself, and then you can copy the file using your own DVD-writing software to the DVD. The Acronis rescue disk will also be able to restore this file from the DVD if necessary.

    I'm not sure whether it is exactly what you would call "DVD support", but it seems we have no choice

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    that is all the tech support we need.

    thanks for the help. here is the story. like you i wanted to image my hard drive using acronis true image. from the website they tell you how to do it. (obviously you found it)acronis wants the disc preformatted a certain way. that way is: format it using a UDF packet DVD-writing software. they recommend nero with use InCD. you see, acronis does not format/burn simulataneously when using the dvd-rw disks. they have yet to develop that. other formats like iso with regular cd and dvd can format/burn.

    what i have learned is:
    1) i cannot use a non preformatted dvd disc. (i am a bit slow at reading instructions- thinking i can reason intuitively about it-- nope i was wrong ---lol))
    2) i have also learned that one must do a full preformat and not a quick format. the quick format only adjusts the file system, just like the old floppy disk. you are just erasing the location of the file on the disk. so i must preformat the dvd which takes about 2 hours.
    3) i am getting the hang of it.
    4) i also learned i should not have the AV when burning and not touching other keys or use the mouse. ( i will do this later, once i really know what is happening). but i am preformatting leaving the AV on, does not seem to affect the process.

    they did offer other workarounds- like backup up on CD's. do an image on a separate partition and then burn it normally with nero using the image standard. i could also use ghost which i abhor.

    i also learned when burning a dvd the normal way.. i had to reduce the recording speed from 2x to 1x; otherwise it fails to completely write. this seems to be the way it is. the dvd can handle it in theory but in practicality the machine cannot or at times the disk might not also. it is almost like the early CD with the over run problems. now there are adjustments made. <sigh>


    now i am able to use the InCD real well and format. it takes 2 hours each. as i said before- do not try to use the quick format method. it assumes you have already formatted it and all you wish to do is- hide the location of the data ( which of course is still on the disk.)

    so if you have any problems pls pm me or post to this thread and i will be glad help and to "show you what i learned". <grin>

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