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Thread: If I right click on an email attachment, can I check it with an anti-virus?

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    If I right click on an email attachment, can I check it with an anti-virus?

    Can I do this with the email too? I got the netski virus via 'Ziplip' email. It does not automatically check for bugs. Thanks.

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    The only safe way to deal with attachments is not to open them. Teach friends and family members to copy and paste into the body of email messages.

    The same is true for forwarded messages. Members of my church spread viruses regularly by forwarding material among themselves. When they get bit, they complain but they don't seem to learn. I don't participate.
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    Most good virus checkers support 'on-access' scans. In other words, when you open the document it is automatically scanned and quarantined if necessary.

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    I have both pop 3 and web base email.The web base scans for attachments automatically and the pop3 I have to scan with my antivirus which is Panda.Always scan e-mail attachments.last week in OE pop3 e-mail I got 3 infected attachments.The attachments were all zip files.I don't open any attachments unless I scan them even if I know the senders.It's bad out there this year.
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