Peacefire.exe: Universal Windows blocking software bypass program

Run Peacefire.exe to disable any popular Windows blocking software program with a click of a button.

Works against: SurfWatch, Cyber Patrol, CYBERsitter, Net Nanny, X-Stop, PureSight and Cyber Snoop.
(Does not work against "server-level" blocking programs, including AOL Parental Controls, Bess, SmartFilter, WebSENSE, and I-Gear. In general, this program will not work against censorware programs used in schools, but it will work against home censorware programs except for AOL Parental Controls.)

Peacefire.exe has been tested with the latest versions of these programs available as of 12/17/2000. If your blocking software was installed before then, Peacefire.exe should be able to disable it, but you shouldn't use it to attempt to disable any blocking programs installed after that date.


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