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Thread: How to Logon after changing school network domain to home workgroup?

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    How to Logon after changing school network domain to home workgroup?


    I'm facing a problem now. Initially my laptop was configured for school network access,
    so the username/password was logged on from a domain.

    After graduating tho, I no longer need to log on in campus, so I went to "My Computer",
    "Computer" and changed the settings from "Network/domain" to access from workgroup
    (I named it "Home"), afterwhich I rebooted.

    However, after the reboot, when I tried to log in using my existing username/password,
    it says password's incorrect.

    I've also tried logging in from administrator, but under "User Accounts" there was
    no account for my network user/pass.

    Please help! -- all my documents and files are stored under that account -- it's
    not deleted yet, coz I can still see them in the "Documents and Settings", but I
    can't log into that account. I can access the network user account folder as an Administrator,
    but what I wanted was to be able to log into the account and operate the computer
    using those settings.

    I wouldn't mind using Administrator account, but I would like to port the network
    account settings over (eg wallpaper, IE settings etc etc)

    Any idea how I can do that? Thanks much!

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    you can try changing your password for that account

    log on to any user account in windows and go to the start menu and select run

    type cmd and press enter

    in the dos box type

    net user "your account name" "your new password"

    an example will look like this

    net user administrator 12345

    the password for your admnistrator account is now 12345

    good luck

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