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Thread: missing frames in web images

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    missing frames in web images

    When accessing a web page with images, frames are missing from some of the images. There is the white box with the small x for that frame. I have tired numerous other machines with no problems. This seems to only happen on this one machine. This also occurs where accessing via highspeed or dialup. Have checked all I can----need new ideas.

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    What Explorer do you use?
    Some options,
    1) your explorer might be outdated. Look for an update and install it.
    2) Your explorer security settings might be too high. Some of the frames are trying to perform operations that the explorer hasn't authorized. For example, download pictures to the drive, retrieve pictures from your drive (you can get some computer information thru this method, that is why some browsers don't allow it by default), or the page is trying to run scrips.
    To check this, you could try taking note of the security settings you currently have and see if you can change it to medium, and try to see if that works.
    3) try installing another browser. From your nick I gather that you are using Mac. Which version? Or you are using other OS?
    If you are using Windows or Linux you could try any of this browsers Firefox, Mozilla, Opera.

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    Try clearing your temp internet cache.
    Tools > Internet Options. On the General tab hit the Delete Files button.

    Also,do you have the latest java installed ?

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