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Thread: Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

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    Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

    Windows Media Player 10 is being refined to provide a great experience for discovering, playing, and taking your digital media anywhere. We are still in the early stages, but this technical beta lays the groundwork for the great end-to-end digital media experience coming with the final release for Windows XP.

    Note: This is a technical beta release. Before you decide whether to install this software, it is important to understand that the technical beta release does not have the stability of released Microsoft software. You might encounter problems with this release of the software that could possibly result in a loss or destruction of data. This release is not for production use, and we suggest that you run the software in a test environment or back up your existing data before you install and run the software.

    View: Release Notes

    Download: Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

    View: Windows Media homepage

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    I think I am going to skip on WMP 10.. I hardly use 9 as it is... and with DRM becoming more and more prevelant, I just don't see the need.

    Download and use Media Player Classic

    It will play everything you want to play, and is not bloated or includes any spyware or tracking or any of that.

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    Yup Media Player Classic seems to be the way to go. I also use Winamp 5 for Internet Radio.

    Thanks anyway Rev, I'd still like to check it out.

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