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Thread: Unable to manipulate .mp3 files with explorer

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    Unable to manipulate .mp3 files with Windows Explorer

    I have just recently started having problems with Windows Explorer. I am not able to do anything to .mp3 files using explorer. (copy, cut rename) The moment I try I get the error message "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close". If I use other software to change the file extension from mp3 to anything else (ex. .zip) I can then manipulate the file with explorer. It seems as though I have contracted something that is trying to prevent me from doing anything with all my music files.
    Many THANKS in advance.......fsumcdad
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    Did you by chance install Mp3 to Wave? If so follow this procedure:

    I fixed this on my XP pc so maybe this will help someone else. I noticed that when logged in as Administrator the problem didn't occur, but that as another user it did. I also noticed that when the menu opened correctly (when logged in as Admin) there was a menu option for 'Convert to Wav' which came from installing Acoustica MP3 to Wave. That at least got me thinking...
    It turned out that I'd logged in as Administrator originally an installed MP3 to Wave...but that didn't register it for other usernames...and somehow that left a glitch that Windows Explorer saw as a problem.

    I logged back in as another username...started MP3 to the register screen and entered the info. Voila...the right-click menu now works as it should.
    Also go to Windows Explorer | Tools | Options. File Types tab.

    Scroll down to mp3, and click to highlight. What does it say it opens with?

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