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Thread: XP New Install instead of update

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    Question XP New Install instead of update

    HELP! My daughter did a new install of XP when she should have done an update. She was using 98. Now all files are lost, the computer doesn't recognize the modem and she doesn't have the 98 disk. Is there anyway to recover all the lost files and go back to running Windows 98 after installing XP? Her computer is 8 years old.



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    Eight years in computer time is an eternity. That would date to the days of a Pentuim 75 or 100. At that time, most computers came with a maximum of 32 MB of RAM Memory. The minimum memory requirement for RAM with XP Home is 128 MB. Recommended minimum CPU speed is 300 MHz. I suspect that the computer is less than 8 years old or your daughter would not have gotten as far as she did.

    First, I suspect that your files are toast. There is a way to install xp as FAT32, the same file system as is used in Win98. If that is the route she used then you might be able to recover some files by booting the computer using a Win 98 boot disk and attempt to read the files on the HD using DOS. If you can read the files this way, then you can copy your data files to floppies. If you can't read them this way, they are gone for good.

    The next question is, "What do you do now"? You must determine the capability of your computer and make sure that it meets the minimum requirements for XP. If it does not, then you have some hard choices to made. You would have to upgrade your present computer or purchase a replacement. I recommend replacement. Even if you add memory to an old slow machine, it will cost still barely run todays programs. Just replacing a couple items will cost almost as much as an entry level replacement. We can suggest some good deals based on what you want to do and how much you are willing to spend.

    Your issue with not having the Win 98 disk can be handled by buying a disk at a yard sell. It shouldn't cost more than $10. Be sure the key is present with the disk.
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