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Thread: Outlook Express. MSIMN caused invalid page fault

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    Outlook Express. MSIMN caused invalid page fault

    I'm using outlook express and can't open my emails to read them.
    When I clink on an email to open it Outlook Express shuts down and I get this error message 'This application has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down

    When I look at the details it says 'MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module MSOERT2.DLL

    I downloaded a program to fix DLL files but when I tried to use it I couldn't access it. I can't access the temporary files either. When I try to print from a webpage it won't print.

    I want to save my emails as well but don't know how to do it
    Any ideas what to do.

    I checked for viruses, looked on microsoft site for help and tried what they said but it didn't work.


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    Presumably you are using OE6.
    Try this fix:

    Start > Search > For File or folders > All Files and Folders.

    Type in inbox.dbx

    When the file is located look in the right hand pane and right click the file and select "Open Containing Folder".

    Cut and Paste all the files from that folder into a new folder.Use any name for the new folder,but remember where it is.

    When you next open OE your mail folders will be empty. If this solves the problem you can try importing the mail from the folder you moved them to.

    Go to File > Import > Messages. Select Outlook Express 6 and click next. Put a dot next to "import from an OE6 store directory" and click next, navigate to the folder that you moved the files to,click next and import the mail.

    Hope that helps

    Thanks to The Globe and Mail

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