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Thread: Memory dump? Help!

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    Question Memory dump? Help!

    Hey! I having been having this problem for awhile now but no one seems to be able to help me, so I'm trying my luck here. I'm currently running Windows 2000 professional and have an eMachine 120 [prehistoric I know]. Now every so often I get a blue screen appear with 'beginning dump of physical memory'. It only started happening when I tried running Soulseek and Winamp 3 together. Recently, it also happened when I tried to enter a Spinchat room. First time I logged in it came up with the blue screen, then the 2nd through to 4th time, logging in caused my computer to reboot. I have run virus and spyware scans but it hasn't helped. Done a repair on Windows2k pro [which again, doesn't seem to have helped, if anything it's messed a few minor things up]. I also tried going to My computer > properties > advanced > Startup and Recovery > Write debugging information and selecting 'none' [it was set to complete dump] and also unchecking the automatic reboot box. I haven't tried running soulseek and winamp 3 together yet on this setting, but I did try the chat and instead of rebooting, it came up with the memory dump screen again. I Have Java enabled, and I have never had problems with a chat program before. Is there anyone who can help me, or know what the problem is? I'm guessing it's a driver problem, but how do I go about fixing it? Any help would be great...Thank you!
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    How much memory and what type do you have? And How big is your pagefile (virtual memory)?

    It could be that soulseek is the problem:

    Could be corrupted ram, due to the age of the machine. Have you defragged lately? When was the last time you did a complete reinstall of your OS? I recommend once every 6-12 months. Backing up all existing and pertinent data beforehand.

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