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    Page Cannot Be Displayed


    OK I bet we've all had this message come up from time to time! But the last few nights Ive been on the internet this message has been coming up on more than 50% of the links I click on. As you can imagine, this is really annoying!

    Why is this happening? Sometimes it comes up EVERY time I click on a lick or just type in the website's address. As soon as I hit ENTER, the old white screen with 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' comes up! Other times it happens every other time.

    Help! Thanks...Rich46

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    Sounds like your ISP is having DNS problems. Try giving them a call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan
    Sounds like your ISP is having DNS problems. Try giving them a call.
    I agree with Conan, but usually a DNS issue stops you dead in your can also try clearing your browsers will store page can not be displayed just like any other page...clear your cache and cookies and see if that helps. Your ISP is going to ask if you have done that so be a step ahead before calling them.
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    You may need to flush the dns and reset you int ip.
    Run these commands 1.) netsh int ip reset reset log.txt
    2.) ipconfig /flushdns

    Make sure you put the spaces as shown.Works for me when this happens.
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    Also make sure your browser hasn't been hijacked by adware.
    Check out Egghead's Spyware removal thread

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