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Thread: Importing old mail

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    Importing old mail

    I follow the directions but still I hate OE. I'm forced to use it, so I must learn.
    My question: I need to import my saved Netscape 7.1 emails into OE 2003.
    I tried... file>import> selected netscape mail, located the folder where they are... and OE says, "nothing there"... well, their there!
    Any help?

    Really starting to hate this program.

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    You can use the following steps to get this
    issue to work:

    1. Install an earlier version of Netscape. (For example, Netscape 4.77)
    2. In the older version of Netscape, import the data from Netscape 7.1
    3. Use the information in the following articles to import data from the
    earlier version of Netscape into Outlook:

    242008 OL2000: How to Import Messages and Addresses from Netscape Messenger 4.5

    291601 OL2002: How to Import Messages and Addresses from Netscape Messenger 4.5

    that is the one way I know of doing this. It is a long way around, but it is possible.

    And another way:

    First, import the NS7 message files to Netscape Communicator. It's just a
    matter of copying all the messages files (the ones *without* a suffix) to
    the appropriate folder in Communicator, with both programs closed. Run
    Communicator once and access all of the folders so the index files are
    created. Then import into Outlook Express.

    (The only problem is that sometimes nested folders are not "found".
    The workaround is to move them all to the root folder and renest them
    afterwards.) Then export the messages from Outlook Express to Outlook.

    For the address book, export it as a .ldif file. That imports directly into
    Outlook Express.
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