In addition to the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts I found some very useful internet explorer shortcuts on the lockergnome newsletter.

Most programs have various keyboard shortcuts that can be used to quickly perform tasks. This would include Internet Explorer. Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Internet Explorer 6.0. Keep in mind that the keyboard shortcuts in IE 6.0 are pretty much the same as those in IE 5.x. So if you aren't familiar with the shortcuts, try a few - you may find yourself using them on a regular basis.

CTRL + A: Select all
CTRL + C: Copy
CTRL + V: Paste
CTRL + X: Cut
CTRL + F: Open the Find dialog box
CTRL + N: Open a new window
CTRL + R: Refresh
CTRL + P: Print
CTRL + H: Open the history
CTRL + S: Save the current page
CTRL + D: Add the current page to your favorites
CTRL + B: Open the Organize Favorites dialog box
ALT + Home: Return to the home page
ALT + right arrow: Move to the next page
ALT + left arrow: Move to the previous page

For a complete list of internet explorer keyboard shortcuts take a look at the following site:

MS Internet Explorer keyboard Shortcuts

From the lockergnome newsletter.