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Thread: Windows Restarting

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    Windows Restarting

    Hi I have windows XP and I just finished installing Roxio Easy CD Creator when it said you must restart to use it. So being the cooperative computer owner that I am, I went down to start and hit reset. However now it will not stop resetting. It boots normallt until it gets to the desktop. It loads the desktop and I have about 2 seconds and then it goes "do da loo" (the windows noise) and resets all over again. I have no windows disks. (darn you best buy ) I really have no idea how to fix this, but my thinking is that the install of roxio caused it. I think that it's possibly the error where windows resets itself when it has a problem, but the only fix I could find involves going into control panel...which seems impossible with only about 2 seconds. Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Can you boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 right before Windows load?

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    Hmmm....sounds like a driver issue. More than likely an issue with Roxio's "on-cd" application.

    First item would to boot to safe mode. Once booted to safe mode and the pc runs (without restarting), you will want to disable XP's automatic restart option. To do this, right click the My computer Icon, go to the Advanced Tab, and click on the settings button under the startup and recovery section. Under the System failure section, unmark the Automatically restart option. Then apply the setting changes and reboot the pc. Once the pc reboots and the error occurs again, write down the error and post the error here.

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