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Thread: Strange problem with file protection

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    Strange problem with file protection

    I have been having many problems with my computer for the last year. I believe that someone has been tampering with it.

    My computer is at home and only networked to my husbands computer. I have cable that goes through a modem and router. I have just gotten this computer back from the repairman who made sure that I had admin control of my computer and secured it.

    Now I was looking through a program called freshUI and saw that file protection was disabled. I turned it on and then restarted my computer.

    When I started again I got a pop up saying that I was missing dll's and that I needed to put my Windows XP home edition cd in and then I got a pop up saying I had the wrong cd and I needed to put in the windows xp pro cd.

    I didn't have this (I don't have winxp pro) so I closed the window and the file checker proceded to check files with my home edition disk. When it was done it didn't tell me that I was missing anything so I did a search on files created today and I have tons of things that where created to system32 today. I was able to open a few of the exe files but then when I tried to open some more they would just do nothing.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on in my computer? I am so tired of fighting with this. I have been dealing with this for over a year. I have had several repair ppl fix it and then I take it home and things start to look funny again.

    Like the other day my start menu kept poping up. My mcafee when I do a security scan says that the programs I have to be filtered are not being filtered. I also was going to stop telephony since I have cable, it is set to manual but started. 2 of the dependencies are my windowsxp firewall and my mcafee firewall.

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    First thing I'd say to do is check which version of windows XP you really have.

    click start. Right click my computer, and select properties. Under the general tab, what version of windows do you have?

    Fresh UI can work wonders on tweaking a system but if used incorrectly it can cause major issues.

    Turning on the file protection could cause some of the problems that you are experiencing. I am not too sure.

    Sometimes windows file protection needs to be disabled to install certain programs. With it turned on, you can never install the software.

    If you are worried someone is fiddling with your PC, I recommend you to install windows by yourself. It is not a complex procedure. We have a guide on our frontpage:

    I'd print that 19 page install guide out, and give it a try. The guide originally came from Paul Thurrott's Supersite:

    With your own install you can rest assured that your installation is not tampered with. That said, it could be that a virus has crept into your system and caused these problems. YOu could have a hacker in your system as well, if you are not using a firewall.

    Try that for a good firewall.

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    Thank you! I will check all of that out!

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