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Thread: COM1 / COM3 problem whit modem

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    COM1 / COM3 problem whit modem

    After I cleaned out spy & ad ware, and reinstall windows (it was quite
    messed up), the dial up option under "new connection wizard " was
    grayed out. so i was trying delete from registry folders 25 & 26 under
    rasman/PPP/EAP & Telephony along whit multiple new drivers - nothing (this action have helped me before).
    Then I got online whit LAN and install XP SP1, and after that the grayed out
    problem was gone, BUT now when i start to make dialup connection, its looking
    modem from COM1 ; but the problem is that modem installs himself to COM3
    only.So under dial its shows: "device is missing" (but in device manager
    everithing works) I was trying to set the modem use the COM1 & disable 3, but all I got
    was blue screen. I was trying to play around whit IRQs in BIOS, but still same:
    nothing, what did I wrong, what should I to?

    [i'm sorry about my bad gramar ]
    Thank You!

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    If this is a PCI modem, try moving the modem to a different slot.. perhaps it might change the com port that it uses. Sorry but I used to know an exact answer to this. I did this same thing on an old Compaq Presario 7200 that used an ISA 14K baud modem... upgraded to a high speed 56K PCI modem and had some issues...
    but now I cannot remember how I fixed it, but it was related to changing the COM ports.

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