Ok, here is the problem.

I was trying to import email account settings and email folders to Outlook 2000 from OE 5.5 on a Windows ME machine. Everthing seemed to work fine. All email folders with their contents were transferred successfully. Mail setting transferred as well. What I did not know is the user had setup "Contact Groups" in the OE5.5 address book. He had a ton of contacts sorted into groups. Before I did the import I backed up the OE5.5 address book via .CSV method. Whoops! This does not backup groups. Learned this after the fact. I checked the Outlook 2000 address book after the user told me that all his contacts were missing. After investigating the problem I realized that some of the contacts did show up in the groups in the Outlook 2000 address book. The strange thing is after the import all the email addresses in groups on OE5.5 are gone from there too. So, gone in OE5.5 and gone in Outlook 2000. Where did they go? They did not import and they were removed from OE5.5? Will a scanreg /restore solve this problem?