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Thread: Simple Access 2000 question

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    Simple Access 2000 question

    I have an existing Access database and I need to add a data field; how do I do this?


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    Found this instruction at

    The problem with both forms and reports is that if you add fields to your table, these are not then automatically added to the query that underlies the form or report - you have to do this manually.
    You may not even realise your form or report is based on a query and, to confuse you even more, the query does not exist in the Query Object section of the database. What happens is that if you follow the Wizard to build a form or report based on more than one table, Microsoft Access automatically builds a query to base the form or report on and then stores this query with the form.
    To manually add a field to this query:
    Open the form or report in Design view;
    Open the properties to the form or report by right clicking in the grey square on the upper left-hand side of the form or the report (where the two rulers meet), then selecting 'properties' from the drop down list.
    With the properties window open, click on the 'Data' tab then, next to 'Record Source', click on the '...' button. This will open the query the form or report is based on.
    Add the new fields by double clicking on them.
    Close and save the query.
    Your fields should now be in your field list.
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    This is much more fundamental

    I right clicked, opened properties, clicked data and hit ... There is no query.
    I have a database, created by someone else. ALL fields in the main table are in the form-I just need to add data field DriversLicNo (Driver's License Number) which was not included in the main table inadvertantly.

    I tried copying another field on the form, selected and right clicked, changed the control source and left the name the same (I'm assuming this is a default - "Text441". When I then go to form view, # Name ? appears in the field and data cannot be entered.

    I just don't know the kosher way of adding fields to an existing database main table; it's really that dumb of a question.

    Thank you for trying, though.


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    When you have the main table open, go under "View" and click "Design View". This should list all of the fields with their associated properties. You can then add the field to this list. Once you have added the field in this screen, you can switch back to "DataSheet" View and enter the information there.

    You can then add this field to all associated Reports and Queries.

    I hope this helps...

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