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Thread: Problem: Replaced NT4 server with 2003 SBS

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    Question Problem: Replaced NT4 server with 2003 SBS

    ok this is the network setup:
    a)1 server: running NT4 domains being used
    Intel PII 233, 256mb RAM, 4gig IDE hard drive
    b)6 clients: 5 running XP pro and 1 running win98
    All P4s with 256mb Ram and 20gig hrad drives, one (win98) AMD 1800+ with 256mb ram and 20gig hard drive
    c)24 port 10baseT network hub
    d)internet access through dial up on server

    So here is the problem:
    we replaced the server with a P4 2.4c, 1024mb ram, two 120gig hard drives in mirror raid mode, and 2003 Small Business Sever. We used the same domain name (that is what the administration wanted), unpluged the old server and replaced it with the new one. Now some times the new server will not allow people to log on the first time; it sometimes will tell the users that the domain could not be found, then you cancel the login and try to do it again and it will let them in on the second try or after a reboot. Next it sometimes will disconnect the user from the server without notice, you could be working along then try to access the server and it will tell you the network resource can not be found, so you have to reboot to fix the connection. Another problem is when deleting files from the server it will say that you can't delet that file because it is being used, and when you check with the other clients no one is using that file, rebooting does not help. Finnally the network runs really slooooow.

    At first I though it was the hub, they wouldn't let me change it so I went to my next option and unpluged the new server and put the old one back...... none of the problems appered, so I unpluged the old one and put the new server back and all the problems started up again. I am confused and I don't know where the problem is, can any one help me? Thanks
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    There is quite alot of information regarding NT to 2003 domain migrations.;en-us;325851;en-us;260871;en-us;832221

    Another thing you can try is ideal administration:

    IDEAL Administration v5.31 makes administration of your Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 domains considerably simpler by providing a single tool that integrates all the necessary features for managing users, servers, and domains.

    Further you might want to try this MS document:

    Specific Download Link:

    Get the OFFICE VIEWER if you don't have office installed:

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    Good Links BB,

    There is a lot to consider when migrating from win2k -> win2k3, and even more with NT4 It is definitely not the case of turn old server off and plug in new server... a lot of configuration etc... Not even sure NT4 supported Active Directory??

    Also, I think the reason the network resource seem to disconnect is the Kerberos Authentication from win2k... I think it has to retry every time a client needs to access network shares... not sure though, perhaps Dehc can give some good insight.

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    Maybe you're having the majority of your problems with the 98 box?
    NT4 Definitely did NOT support Active Directory.
    Microsoft does have an "Active Directory Client for Win9x"
    Try searching for that and installing it on that 98 machine....but I must say that given your're better off starting from scratch with a new domain name. I know it's a lot of work and reconfiguration but at least you'll know it was done right. If you can't rename the domain because of hosting issues or whatever....I would plug your old server back in and read those articles mentioned above in great detail.

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    We recently went thru a NT4 to 2K3 migration.
    I described a little in this thread:
    You will need 2 computers to use temporaly, but it is worth it, REALLY worth it.
    Our move also included at the same time moving from Exchange 5.5 to 2003, so it was a bit more complicated.
    Kerberos could as pointed out be your problem. If you need, I can take note of the kerberos settings we used.
    We are still working in mixed mode for the moment, since our Domain server is a file server, and the backup domain server is the printer server and NT doesn't have any *demote* function, but pretty much serving from the 2K3.
    The Domain name I don't understand what is your problem, thought at the same time it is a problem.
    We basically are running the system with 2 domains which are one. The NT4 Domain name, and the 2K3 domain name. For 2K3 it is better to use a domain name that is standard with a DNS entry, since it will be resolved thru DNS, so, for example, one of our DNS is TechZ (for NT4) and the new one is actually (int to refer as internal, since we have a web site .com) I don't really remember now why, but it made lots of sense at the moment
    So, inside the LAN you can be either connected to TechZ or Windows 2K and up usually connect to the int, but NT likes the other one. That is for the domain name. Since you said the administrator wanted to keep the same domain name, I am asuming that you are a contractor, or, working on the side. IF that it is the case, you should present the admin with the advantages and make a case for them. IF they still decide to do it their way, at least you told them so
    In my case I am the admin, but I am usually the one that request the improvements when we have a contractor (They do hate me so much, because I really do make them work)
    As for the method described on the link, one NT4 (new installation) is used for backup, before the upgrade (In your case, it is better to turn off the 2K3 server while sinchronizing). The other you upgrade to W2K3 and that will pass the settings to your REAL W2K3, but before that, you turn off the NT4 server, that way you have the domain runnin on real W2K3 mode, with all the settings from NT4. This is not as easy as it sounds, but it provides a better ground to work. Also, NT4 because it is old, it is actually a lot harder to install, because it doesn't recognize a lot of hardware. We had problems with 6 computers because it won't work with their NICs. Finally some old PIII 500 Mhz did the trick.
    For the user running W98, get him upgraded to W2K. IT is 200$ on licence (XP will run too, but for Domain get PRO), but he will get back the ROI in stability and features.
    You defenitively don't want a W98 in a Domain, they are your points of entry for Virus, worms, backdoor and all kind of trouble (not to mention crashing, and data corruption).
    Finally, NT4 uses directory Services. Active Directory was introduced with Windows 2000. Directory Services is a LOT easier to use, but provides a lot less flexibility and features.
    Also, Active Directory is a lot more friendly to centralized, remote management. We did most of the migration upgrade thru the AD tools installed in a user computer instead of working on the server. You want to avoid working on the server as much as you can

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