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Thread: Problems with XP in windows classic theme...

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    Problems with XP in windows classic theme...

    I have a couple of niggling problems with XP since I put it in windows classic mode:
    • In internet explorer, the status bar stops being shown everytime I restart it, no matter how many times I turn it on!
    • When I make my taskbar more than one row high (have many programs running normally) it always resets to the default when I restart the PC.
    What's going on? I may have changed the sizes of program menu bars to make a more slim-line view - is this a factor here? XP professional btw.

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    For the Status Bar:
    Open one window in internet explorer and enable the status bar,(view > status bar). Now right click on a blank part of one of the toolbars at the top and select "Lock the Toolbars". Hold down the Ctrl key and close the window via the "X" in the upper right corner.

    For the taskbar:
    After you have made the Taskbar the size you want,right click an empty part of it and select "Lock the Taskbar".

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