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Thread: Outlook Express - Customize Settings WinME

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    Outlook Express - Customize Settings WinME

    Is there a way to SAVE SETTINGS in Outlook Express? [ Windows ME ] (a) to save the size of the address book after changing the size (longer, slightly wider). (b) to save the sort order in the address book? (last name, first name) (c) to change the size of the "select recipient" dialog box and (d) to change the sort order in the "select recipient" dialog box? reply to bubi AT rogers DOT com. [ps: pressing ALT while file|exit does not seem to work, either ]

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    I'll take a crack at some of this.

    I just tried outlook express and Windows 98se. When I resized the address book, long and slightly wider, and closed the program and reopened it, it maintained the size. ME should be the same. If not, I'd say try to repair it:

    OE is a component of IE, and to repair Internet Explorer: Go to Start - Settings
    - Control Panel - choose Add-Remove Programs. Click to highlight Internet Explorer
    then click the Change-Remove tab - choose Repair I.E. OK - Yes. If you get a message
    saying it can't be repaired, you'll need to reinstall it.

    that may fix some of the problems you are having.

    If not post back and let us know.

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    outlook express - save settings winME

    Thank you for your response. There is a lot of truth in what you say.

    Found an answer - which seems to work - sometimes (sadly). That is, when you try to close a resized box, instead of clicking the red X, PRESS AND HOLD THE ALT KEY and click on FILE and click on CLOSE / EXIT. (This is tricky, because when you click on FILE, the ALT key "goes off", ditto for CLOSE). However, this seems to work. Well, it works on Windows XP and Windows 98. I will have to get to a customer's home and try it on their Windows ME (G_d, is Windows ME a virus? It certainly ACTS like a virus!!!!)

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