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Thread: Am I missing something here?

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    Am I missing something here?

    Or am I just uninformed, or otherwise, naive?

    I am trying to use the XP disk (Pro) to fix problems I've been having. I chose upgrade, then put my numbers in.

    Ummm, it says the numbers are invalid. They are the numbers I have!!!!!!!

    Whats going on? They are MY the heck did they become invalid? What am I going to do to fix this thing if the numbers won't work? And why won't they work when they worked about 6 months ago.

    Can someone make sense of this? Is there something I'm missing?

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    Guess I'd be calling Microsoft Support. I cant see why your key would suddenly become invalid. Are you using the original disc?

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    Install and run Belarc Advisor to make sure that the key you are trying to use is the same one in your installed version of windows.
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    Make sure that you are typing the characters correctly. Sometimes I type them wrong and experience the same as you. Is your edition from a store or someplace like an online auction? I have heard of people buying from an online auction and having this problem to learn from Microsoft that it was not truely authentic.
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